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Video: Common Reflects on his Chicago Roots

by Eddie "STATS"
7 years ago

We already knew Common is as comfortable on camera as he is onstage but a couple viral videos that have popped up this week found the actor/poet/rap statesman extra-comfortable sharing himself for the video lights. Cam Be and Jeff Baraka linked Com in his home district of Chicago, where he was performing at the North Coast Music Festival (above) and in the midst of reconnecting with his people and performing ‘longside his dudes No I.D. and Twilight Tone, he was not surprisingly at his most ebullient. For a different kind of candid, watch the day-in-the-life webisode (after the jump) with photographer Steven Taylor, who’s day happened to include shooting a round of pool with Common and Nas (and snapping a few classic pics as well).

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