Our man Common‘s performance at Michelle Obama‘s poetry event last night was the ultimate rebuke to the critics and conservative pundits who attempted to make his invitation into a distraction from weightier matters. It was a good reminder for us too. Mostly it reminded us of the fact this brother doesn’t need anyone to defend him–he is his own best advocate.


  • Chea!

    It is still crazy that Fox News and Palin went there. It is truly unbelievable how clueless those wack jobs are.

  • IK

    I’m more conservative (please don’t stone me) but I thought that the “controversy” was ridiculous. Common’s too dope..

  • se.po

    nuff said….common, nr. 1 mc 4 life!!!

  • they need to stop treatin every rapper the same, this aint no wayne or soulja on stage!

  • It was a good reminder for us too.