Cee-Lo Green plans to release the Platinum Edition of his LP, The Lady Killer of the 28th of November. The re-release will include 4 new songs, including the above track, “Anyway.” I’m not so sure Cee-Lo achieved  “a proportional amount of Green” with this official video as compared to the lyric video… but bright lights and beautiful women has never been a bad formula. You can pre-order The Lady Killer (The Platinum Edition) via iTunes.


  • +

    This song is garbage and he is a FUCKING SELLOUT he went from Soul Food to this pop b.s WTF?

  • ohmy

    This was a quick one, listen to the fake n take generated backing vox. its too bad 🙁 even the vibrato is prog’d

  • bredrenwise

    This is the result of isolating yourself from your peoples- that will help you to keep situations, goals or ideas in their proper perspective. This material is wack..and it’s only his fault.

  • Charles

    I think the song is cool. I think the fact that he talks about something that is missing from our community is on point, love. I also think he is capitalizing on his success. You don’t have to buy it or like it, but respect it for it being his voice.


    When he did the hardcore ish (perfect imperfections&soul machine) these complaining ass basterds didn’t support it ..now he’s found away 2 make $$ wit ppl who spend $$ now he a sellout ..stop it !! jus 2B clear I can’t stand this shiiTT either but hell I get it …….

    • Derrick

      You are absolutely right. I personally do not have a problem with the “range” of Cee-Lo (‘What Part of Forever’ is brilliant, imo), but most people simply did not support the funk/hip-hop Cee-Lo. Now, this bullshit, I cannot co-sign. But, Cee-Lo has never made his paper from his funk/hip-hop side like you said.

  • ed baptiste

    great song.

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