Video: Casual "Mic Memorial" (prod. DJ Toure) - Okayplayer

Video: Casual "Mic Memorial" (prod. DJ Toure)

by Eddie "STATS"
7 years ago

The first two bars of this song I wasn’t really sure what was happening, I was prepared to be embarrassed about this Casual comeback. “Just so your bookie don’t overlook me” is not the most auspicious start and Caz looks like he’s been wearing the same hoodie since his first video shoot. But by the next two, its clear his unique flow is still cookies dipped in milk; mushmouthed but somehow razor-sharp, almost too slow but tripping over itself with internal rhyme schemes like a graceful elephant-god. And that’s before he starts speaking in actual hieroglyphics (he got it in the book!) and getting really complex with the audible feng-shui. Toure’s beat sets the right tone but I would love to hear dude over a Bangladesh beat, something with the energy and shuffle of his foundational tracks. That’s how it was and…

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