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Video: BTS of Watch The Throne w/ Kanye West

by Eddie "STATS"
7 years ago

For four minutes and some seconds you can be a fly sittng more or less on the back of Kanye West‘s head in this behind-the-scenes vid made backstage (and onstage) at the WTT tour (after the jump). OK, maybe hovering behind his left shoulder is more accurate but if you concentrate and use your special fly-eye vision you can see his thoughts, like: how rapping is comparable to inventing the lightbulb or teaching, imagining his own funeral and wondering what sort of leaders would be there and a general philosophy of the “pursuit of awesomeness.” You can get a pretty good sense of what life would be like if the people you interacted with on a daily basis were Jay-Z, Raekwon the Chef and fanatical pre-teen fans with WTT shaved in their heads. Hold on to your wings. It’s going to be an interesting ride. But if you want to go around again, you have to subscribe to the 24-hour all-WTT all the time channel VOYR.

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