I was not personally in the house at NBC yesterday when Bilal joined The Roots onstage on Jimmy Fallon for this incandescent rendition of “The Other Side” (above) followed by a unique arrangement of “Tip the Scale”/”Redford Suite” (below). But the vibe was clearly electric–where the hell else can you see a performance like this on network TV? I was, however, at the Highline Ballroom where the whole crew headed pretty much straight off the high of this crazy performance–to do it all again. What really amazes me about this is how these cats can arrange something like this–incorporating four tracks off undun into a whole new composition, take it to such heights–and then jump in a van downtown, take a drink of water and create another equally intense and unique interpretation of the same material. Dead.


  • how come no one ever talks about how Thought is the best well dressed emcee in the game? Just saying.

    I’m feel the performances.

  • Tynan

    This is simply majestic

  • off to ITUNES… WHATTUP CouRNTEy!

  • CGS

    *standing ovation*

  • Jahi

    Truly Incredible and like the way with the first joint that it’s really drums and keys and Black Thought showing you why he’s great, a deep storyteller, and The Roots are so far ahead you have to just gaze and appreciate

  • Jahi

    And Bilal is the perfect fit to the Roots, and ?Q on the drum solo is one our great grand children will look at the same way we look at Tony Williams or Art Blakey now. Truly high power performance and composition.

    • J in A

      Yes bredren. I would add shades of Roach and Lincoln’s “We Insist!”

  • Wordman


  • Jahi

    I mean I left, taught class, and had to come back and watch this again. From an emcee perspective, this is the best out by Black Thought.. It permeates both sides, street and intellect. 2011 in a lane where we have to salute the lyricism.

  • BLP



    W0W !! UNPHUKKKWITABLE !!! the Roots w/ Bilal speechless !!! HIP-HOP at itz best …….

  • Antdawg

    Powerful!! Thank you Roots for coming with something that truly “tips the scale” toward classic artistry! Incredible stuff… Much needed..

  • sstretch

    Damn, this album was incredible, too short for me, i wanted more, but incredible indeed.

    check out the beats at http://www.soundcloud.com/sstretch68323

  • Rob

    The roots are the best. Period.

  • s.heroi


  • Fredrick Douglas

    I have had this version of otherside on repeat for about an hour and half now!!!

  • Amrit Randay

    I am speechless. That performance was magical. I really don’t know what to say. I wish you guys could come to Vancouver and perform. We need the Roots to come to Canada!!! That guitar solo, questlove, the entire roots band, black thought, and Bilal: completely on point! I’m trying to lift my jaw off the floor, but I can’t. Undun=album of the year without a doubt. Thank you for keeping real music alive. I can’t wait to get my hands on all your past works, and future works! Forever a fan of the Roots!

  • Wow!!!! The Roots!!! It always works….

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