The homie Bambu will be taking his act to NYC next week, for what is sure to be a LIVE show at SOBs (flyer after the jump). But before he makes that cross country trip, he wanted to get a few things off his chest with this new video “Sad Life” (DJ Phatrick on the beat). “Bambu and DJ Phatrick produced, wrote and recorded this in an hour and a half… Burning leaves made this possible.” Vide by Leo Docuyanan.



  • can you take a cheefing rapper seriously?

    • Blue Pharoah


    • Gene Siskel’s Ghost

      @Blue Pharoah, son is an L7 squared to the 100th power of bifocal.

  • leon

    wish bambu had catchy music in common with drake too.

  • Video looks good.

  • nino


    “told you that KONY 2012 was bullshit, took your money, got drunk and started tugging on his own dick.”

  • kolintang

    i see he’s got a book on the Katipunan. for y’all Filipino Americans who don’t know, three K’s (KKK) have an important significance that has nothing to do with ghost masks and burning crosses.

  • Aaron

    Dude goes hard on this