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Video: Andrew Watt “When Everything Goes Grey”

by Eddie "STATS"
7 years ago

I would say this smoldering, Jane’s Addiction-ish track from upstart Andrew Watt (<–former OKP intern, btw. Feeder school for the stars!) is pure rock except that halfway through, the beat turns into something that could have been produced by Urban Tribe or maybe Kanye West. The Rik Cordero-directed video for “When Everything Goes Grey” has a little bit of chameleon in it, too. What starts out with Watt holing up in a motel room and behaving very badly (drugs are bad, kids) with a leggy femme fatale slowly morphs into something more sinister–something out of Contagion or 28 Days Later, or maybe just a gas leak–and seems headed towards some serious self-immolation. Or was it all a dream? This is off Watt’s latest release, Mulberry Tree on iTunes now.

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