You ever have one of those weeks where you see a name or hear about a place and then it keeps popping up? That place is Brazil for me this week. No sooner did I geek out on this Brazil x Jamaica concept album than Zakee started larging up Parachi when we chopped it up about his City of God-inspired video…and now Alice Smith and Aloe Blacc video dropped their new video off the Red, Hot & Rio 2 project. Alice is looking mad Brazilian in this jawm and damn if this doesn’t have me googling standby tickets to Sao Paulo. RH&R2 is out now. Proceeds go to fight HIV so buy it–the life you save may be your own!

spotted at SB


  • loprimo

    dig this, nice job aloe!

  • One of my favorite Os Mutantes songs.

  • All Brazil everything! Lovely video, cool track. Feel good music.