If you like Mayer Hawthorne, Maxwell, Jamiroquai, Maroon 5 and maybe Joe Cocker remember this name: Allen Stone. He turned out a show at SOB’s last night–I wasn’t there but it couldn’t possibly have been as good as this performance of “Unaware” live from your mother’s living room. Wait, sorry! I mean his mother’s living room (above). He also just dropped this new song “Contact High” (after the jump) and has an LP (also named Allen Stone) hitting the digiwebs on October 4. Seems like I have been typing that date a lot, is 10/4 shaping up to be the next 9/27?? Let’s go!

spotted at TIRNB


  • Marc Redix

    This cat is good. He can really sing!

  • J Bender


  • Niles

    Guy is legit. Unique, refreshing and talented. Hopefully he starts to get the recognition he deserves.

    • Hey NILES, you’ve scanned my thoughts, dood !
      Nothing to add !

      Monssef Bessri