Grammy kid Alicia Keys debuted a new song recently at MTV’s Upfront preview of their new 2012 shows. Unveiling a little premiere of her own, Ms. Keys (AKA Missus Swizz) gave the world a first look at a new composition entitled “Not Even The King,” introducing the new composition the way an Alicia Keys song should be heard–just herself and a grand piano. Watch above–the video is not the best quality but the audio is certainly sufficient to demonstrate that this tune was written for the ages, not for this week’s club/radio playlist. Maybe I’m just thinking like a rap-blog dude but why do I feel like Adele‘s record-breaking grammy sweep is to Keys as a tough new song from Nas or Kanye is to Jay-Z? She. Will. Not. Lose.

spotted at SC


  • me likes. hopes its stays piano solo on the LP.