A few hours ago @Questlove tweeted out this sneaky-peeky clip of The Legendary Roots Crew in the studio recording their 13th album, to be titled Undun. Most bands get spooked about recording their sophomore effort, how many even survive long enough to break the 13-album jinx? Or maybe by that time it’s so easy-peezy that superstition doesn’t enter into it. Either way, Questo seems to have his mind right because a few hours before that he tweeted this pic with the caption: “Lord please help me not squander my gifts & put my best foot forward.” Amen to that. But based on the snippet of Dice Raw-featuring music we can hear in the back (for the moment, we’ll just call it “Face Down in the Ocean”) sounds like everything is going fine so far.


  • I’m sure they’ll knock this out the park. How I got over still sounds brand new to me.

  • KD06

    I’m sure it will be great they are hitting a zone that few artist reach…

  • MainOne

    This is going to be another CLASSIC!!!

  • Urbanscribe

    Another Cosmic legendary hit to say the least! One of the last great bands! I’m coppin this album when it hits the streets for sure! Peace

  • hmmmm

    interesting..i like

  • RedDogSlim

    I remember buying Do You Want More because of how the cover looked, the blueish tint on the cover caught my eye and something about Black Thought said real MC. Seeing that at the time I had missed Organix I was pleasently surprised when i popped the cd in, now all these years later im one of the fans that scoff at the bandwagoners that just jumped on recently, The Roots… My favorite Hip-Hop group outside of Run DMC of all time, I cant wait to hear this production!!!

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