Veteran Reporter April Ryan Is Now A CNN Political Analyst

Veteran Reporter April Ryan Is Now A CNN Political Analyst

Veteran Reporter April Ryan Is Now A CNN Political Analyst

Photo by Lloyd Fox for the Baltimore Sun

CNN has hired April Ryan as a political analyst.

Ryan, a veteran reporter who has covered the White House for more than 20 years (ever since Bill Clinton’s second term as president), recently made headlines for a confrontation that occurred between her and White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

The former American Urban Radio Networks correspondent had asked Spicer how the administration planned to redefine its image following reports of its ties with Russia.

“It seems like you’re hellbent on trying to make sure that whatever image you want to tell about this White House stays,” Spicer said. “You’re asking me a question and I’m going to answer it,” he added, before requesting Ryan to stop shaking her head at him.

Following the confrontation, many people voiced their support of Ryan, including Hillary Clinton, who said that Spicer’s tone came across as condescending.

This, along with offensive remarks Bill O’Reilly made towards Rep. Maxine Waters about comments directed at Donald Trump‘s supporters, spawned the Twitter hashtag “Black Women At Work.”

Using the hashtag various black women tweeted out the many microaggressions they have experienced in the work place.

Prior to her confrontation with Spicer, Ryan found herself at the end of a strange request made by Trump. During a February press conference, she had asked Trump if he would include the Congressional Black Caucus in conversations dealing with his “urban agenda” for the “inner city,” but referred to the organization as the “CBC,” which Trump did not seem to recognize.

Upon clarifying, Trump responded: “Well, I would,” Trump said. “I tell you what, do you want to set up the meeting? Do you want to set up the meeting?” He then asked if the CBC were friends of hers, unaware of how the racial undertones of the question were problematic.

Ryan made the announcement about the promotion on her Twitter.

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