Venus And Serena Tennis Documentary

Pass The Popcorn: Venus And Serena Documentary


Directors Maiken Baird and Michelle Major present VENUS AND SERENA – a documentary that chronicles the careers of pro athletes Venus and Serena Williams and takes a peek at their lives off the tennis court in a narrative that goes beneath the surface to examine the phenomenon that is the Williams sisters. VENUS AND SERENA examines the dynamic duo’s success from the inside out in a feature-length documentary that took three years to get the green light as the sisters developed the trust and comfortability necessary to allow the film’s producers and their cameras into their lives. The film spotlights their greatest successes and adversities – the sisters’ more recent injuries and major health issues included. The documentary illuminates their grace on and off the court as African-American athletes and women beating the odds in a sport two black girls from Compton were never expected to play, let alone be good at. VENUS AND SERENA is available for digital download. The film hits theaters on May 10th. Check the trailers below.

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