Usher x Adam Levine Cover D'Angelo's "How Does It Feel" Live On The Voice

Usher linked up with fellow judge Adam Levine to perform a cover of D’Angelo‘s smash “How Does It Feel” live on The VoiceThe tandem of TV gavel-swingers lined up with a full-band to churn out a true-to-form rendition of D’s sex-soaked ballad, keeping all clothing onstage and off intact (something that was virtually impossible when the legend would perform his hit on the Voodoo tour.) With Levine manning an axe and Usher doing his best D, the two held a flame up for the embattled singer. While we still don’t have a release date on the ever-coveted follow-up to the groundbreaking Voodoo LP, this should hold some of y’all over til we finally here from him tomorrow night at Red Bull Music Academy‘s A Conversation With D’AngeloThose fortunate enough to have copped tickets will get a rare opportunity to hear the neo-soul deity discuss his landmark piece and hopefully divulge some information on the new record (fingers crossed.) Watch Usher and Adam Levine do their best D on The Voice below.


  • Matthew

    Mud. I’ve always liked Usher. I’ve always like Adam Levine and Maroon 5. But no. Some songs are just off limits. The late great Luther Vandross was a master of making covers his own, and even he would’ve ruined this song. No.

    • Amira Smith

      I 100% agree with you. Feels awkward and strained

    • E from Swe

      I also agree! It’s a nice tribute, but you can’t cover R&b Jesus. It’s impossible!

    • The Truth

      Yep, but Usher is the King!

  • J-Bro

    Definitely walking a slippery slope by covering this song, but at the very least it shows that these ultra-famous musicians have decent taste in music. Still waiting on that album D…

  • It was good for a pop and R&B singer to attempt…..not enough soul to really pull it all the way off…but William C Sowell I still enjoyed it 🙂

  • Porsh


  • YeaRight

    D’Angelo, this is all your fault. This is all on you. You see what happens when you leave the world to pitiful renditions of your greatness. You did this to us. Save us.

  • EnterTheYeti

    For shame.

  • Jazzyman09

    Yeah, I have to agree that it was a good try of a cover, but as a performer myself, I would have to respectfully decline covering D’Angelo.
    Will they post his conversation at the Red Bull Music Academy online?? Anyone know? I sure hope so! Patiently waiting to for Mr. Archer to grace our ears with another LP.

  • Bec Tilley

    I think they did it a reasonable amount of justice! I really admire Levine for clearly being aware of his ability and limitations, what he can and can’t do – he did his lines with good grace and took a back seat, letting Usher, whose voice is much more suited to the style, be the star. It was tasteful, and of course no – no one can do this song like D can – but this was a respectful homage. They weren’t trying to be him. They were just tipping their hats, and I enjoyed it, it was intimate and playful, they both have great voices and used them well. Well done guys, would’ve been a really daunting song to take on.

  • Lajolienoire

    I will give them credit for trying. They both have amazing voices, but no one should ever attempt to cover a D’Angelo song, especially not this one. Way too much passion and depth in the original that remaking it is simply impossible. D, get back on the scene man. And FAST. We miss you too much.