Earl Sweatshirt "WHOA" video directed by Tyler, The Creator

Earl Sweatshirt - "WHOA" [Official Video, dir. Tyler, The Creator]

Earl Sweatshirt in a still from "Whoa" video dir. Tyler, The Creator

One of 2013’s most anticipated (and yes, odd) rappers Earl Sweatshirt returns with his next effort “WHOA”–complete with a video and a hook delivered by wolfgang von beethoven himself: Tyler, The Creator. There’s not really good words other than the one in the title to describe this video–as wrong as some of the scenarios depicted herein feel, they are all pretty safe for work and not nearly as whoa as some of the stuff Black Rob described in a similar song. But the flow is tuff, the video has the same goofy charm as OFWGKTA’s best work…and what really jumps out over the lazy boom bap drums is how much the Odd Future style has in common with Biz Markie and De La Soul of the “Brainwashed Followers” era. Yeah, I said it. How’s that for whoa.

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