ANTHM follows his debut EP Joy & Pain and the more recent “Black” – a very visceral tribute to Malcolm X – with “Nina.” The latest offering is the first track from Handful of Dust – a collaborative project that finds the MC out front with Blu producing as Godlee Barnes. An ode to singer Nina Simone, the track features ANTHM letting off one-liners like bullets from an automatic against a more subdued and soulful production from Blu – the equally impressive Cali MC who takes a backseat at the boards for this track.



  • disqus_Z3EtwVAKkk

    You can’t be a rapper claiming struggle and hardship but graduate from Duke and work on Wall Street. Good beat though.

    • question

      Imagine him as one of the only black guys in duke and on wall street. How is that not struggle?

    • disqus_Z3EtwVAKkk

      If you think being black is an inherent struggle then you must not understand what being black is. To focus on skin color alone is a gross oversimplification of systemic and historical problems. As far as the music goes, get down with whatever you like. For me, wall street in just about about the most unhip-hop thing I can think of, and listening to a trader talk about his “struggle” pushing money isn’t what I want.