Under New Bill, Having Unprotected Sex Is No Longer A Felony

Photo of AIDS Awareness ribbon courtesy of HIV.com.

A group of state lawmakers in California have proposed a bill that it will no longer be considered a felony for someone to knowing expose others to the HIV disease by engaging in unprotected sex and not telling the partner about the infection.

The measure would not change the act, which is a testament to shifting attitudes behind the action. According to state Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) those who engaged in such behavior would be charged a misdemeanor.

The downgrade is crime level would apply to those who donate blood or semen without telling anyone that said blood or semen has AID or have tested for HIV. “HIV-related stigma is one of our main obstacles to reducing and ultimately eliminating infections,” Wiener said. “When you criminalize HIV or stigmatize people who have HIV it encourages people not to get tested, to stay in the shadows, not to be open about their status, not to seek treatment.”

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