Trump To Consider Eliminating National Endowment For Arts, PBS Funding

The White House is considering nine items that President Trump plans to cut in a supposed attempt to lower domestic spending, and the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting are both on the list.

New York Times reports that while the list could still change, that the White House still has both programs on the chopping block, along with Legal Services Corporation, AmeriCorps and the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy.

National Endowment for the Arts touts itself as an “independent federal agency that funds, promotes, and strengthens the creative capacity of our communities by providing all Americans with diverse opportunities for arts participation.” Corporation for Public Broadcasting is a private corporation funded by the federal government, and funds PBS (which produces the show Sesame Street) while supporting NPR.

“The public wants to see agencies like the N.E.A. continue,” Robert L. Lynch, head of the nonprofit Americans for the Arts, told the New York Times. “There is always a debate, but there has been agreement among Republicans and Democrats that funding for the arts is a good thing, and it has been kept in place.”

The cuts are supposedly aimed at cutting the United States’ domestic budget, but most of the programs cost under $500 million annually – a small amount when the government is projected to spend $4 trillion this year. IndieWire points out that by contrast, Trump has spent $10 million in three consecutive weekend visits to Mar-a-Lago, and that First Lady Melania Trump’s decision to live in Trump Tower instead of the White House will cost twice the annual budget of the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities.


  • Oreshans

    Dear Oresident Trump,
    I would hate to see Funding for the Arts eliminated. Art is an important part of American society and it has been proven to benefit the development of the social and . I remember going to see a play when I was in elementary school. We also were taken to hear an orchestra. “Neuroscience research is revealing the impressive impact of arts instruction on students’ cognitive, social and emotional development”.I am sure that is why the school did it. I believe that these two field trips did wonders for me. First, it was extremely relaxing and having come from a family that was not exactly functional, it showed me a side of life I would never have known even existed.

    I, then did similar things with our child who was suppose to have mental disabilities. He never crawled and that meant he probably would never read according to our doctors. When we put him in a part time Preschool, we had to prepare his teacher for his disabilities. When we discussed this topic, we were pleasantly told that he already was reading. We chose a school system for him that continued his relationship with the arts. They had a pantomime come in and teach the children how to express yourself without words. Another year, they played all kinds of musical instruments. And, yet, another, they worked a pottery lesson into their history lesson. They all fired their pots in a pit dug in the dirt and heated with charcoal and rocks. It took a week but this helped the children learn that everything does not come immediately. Sometimes ypu have to wait for something that is wonderful. And before he entered kindergarten, I realized he did not color pictures. I read up on ut and found that he was.a perfectionist and did not like his outcome so I gave him tracung paper to use do he could make a perfect picture. Eventually, he was coloring like any other child. And when un Fourth Grade, his teacher asked him to draw the State of Texas for his project. The truck was to do it never looking at themselves drawing it. He drew a picture that was in perfect proportion and when the lines were suppose to meet, they did. His teacher was amazed. He had learned spacual perception somewhere along the line.

    In middle school our son learned how to read music and play rhe baritone horn. He made first string, time and time again of the Honors Band. We believe that taught him rhythm because when it came time for him to start going out to dances, he knew how and neither his father or I would go to dances because we did not like our skills.

    Now that he is married, he goes to the Opera and gave us tickets to a play for Christmas. I have a friend that sings in the San Francisco Opera. We went to Hollywood to see the Price is Right. While waiting that God awful time in libe, he started singing Christmas Caroles. He had the entire group of participants including me and my University student, son, singing them with him.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that The Arts are very important in the development of child’s brain. They learn so many different things by different parts of The Arts. If I had not pushed and also had the support of his academic education, my son may not be where he us today. Tests and studies while in the hospital as an infant certainly said something different would be in his future. Instead, he graduated from the University of Arizona Honors program when he had just turned 21years old. His IQ was 156 in Fifth Grade. He is not learning disabled. He is not in a wheel chair or even on oxygen. He is a fantastic man of 30 years old who an area manager for Enterprise Rental Cars and well on his way to becoming a District Manager and then VP where his experience with the Arts has made him comfortable in his own shoes.

    Please reconsider keeping the funding of The Arts. I feel it is extremely necessary and advantageous for the development of pur ypuths brain. Maybe, just maybe, The Arts could help some of the youth that end up in gangs. If they experienced more, their brains may end up in a different place in life. But let’s face it, a single, working Mom cannot afford these pleasures for her children. It certainly worked in our family.

    Thank you for considering my information and request. Please keep The Arts funding. It really isn’t as much as some think.

    Berna Oreshan

    • Jerry S

      It’s ironic to see all the leftists now up in arms about Trump supposedly eliminating our nation’s “Culture,” while they advocate for the importation of radical Muslims who will surely do exactly that!

  • Jerry S

    They spent the last year using tax payers money to solely criticize Trump and no other candidates so how should they be surprised that Trump wants to cut their funding? If they cannot be impartial then they should not use the people’s money to cover politics.
    It’s way past time the Federal Government stops funding these radical leftist groups. Let them swim or sink on their own.
    (I prefer “sink”, but it’s a free country…)