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Tribeca Film Festival Says 40% Of Its Films Are Directed By Women

Tribeca 2017 Releases Their Short Film Selections, Almost Half Are Directed by Women

Photo courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival.

There were more than 4,000 short films summited to the 16th annual Tribeca Film Festival (4,385 to be exact.) The folks at the Tribeca Film Festival had to do the laborious task of whittling down that number down…to 57.

Earlier today, Tribeca announced the 57 films that will be presented in 10 distinct competition programs at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival. What’s really cool is seeing how diverse the pool is: forty percent of the films being featured are directed by women and 40 percent of the films are international films, with 18 countries being represented.

There is plenty of up-and-coming talent being showcased, but there is also a number of household names, with projects featuring Kobe Bryant, John Turturro and Salma Hayek being featured.

To make matters even more interesting, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has incorporated a new rating marker to classify films written, directed or starring women. Sure to cause a bit of controversy, the F rating, will be a feminist classification that was inspired by the Bechdel test and was created in 2014 by Bath film festival executive director Holly Tarquini. Meant to “support women in film and change the stories we see on screen,” we shall see if this is something that Hollywood at large adapts and adopts.

Check out the 10 categories and the 57 movies represented by heading to the Tribeca Film Festival website. Keep in mind that the festival will run from April 19 to 30th.

H/T: Tribeca Film Festival

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