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Video: Toro Y Moi - "So Many Details"

Chaz Bundick in the video for Toro y Moi So Many Details

Toro Y Moi‘s upcoming album, Anything In Return, is slated to drop January 22 and according to the man himself, will be a record of “sincere pop.” His new video for “So Many Details” runs with that in the opposite direction, hilariously. The overly-dramatic video finds Chazwick Bundick (I’ve only just realized how incredible his real name is) spitting his lines with little emotion, while cruising the countryside with a beautiful babe. Eventually that leads to him sitting sternly in a chair wearing a white turtleneck with strobe light projections hitting the wall behind him. Then he throws on his Top Gun jacket and walks to his private plane. Sincere. Pop. Watch below.

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