Looks like somebody did some serious digging through their personal archives for this one. Today we bring you The Roots performing live at The Painted Bride in Philadelphia for Throwback Thursday. The footage is reportedly a recording of their first live show ever. Somehow, despite that, Black Thought and the band – including Scott Storch on keys – manages to maintain a pretty cool demeanor, lots of composure and enough focus to rock the crowd with a sound that, even at such an early juncture in their development, was already uniquely their own. Check the footage below to watch the 1993 clip of The Roots rocking The Painted Bride in Philadelphia.


  • Sick cat

    Cb4 . Straight outta locash :). Great footage of the band

  • Dubbsy

    MALIK B!!!!!!!

  • Licorice Stix

    Leonard Hobard.

  • roots saved hiphop

    you can tell they were something special even then