The Roots, ca. 1992

It’s almost time to go see Fela! so in the spirit of Throwback Thursdays, we leave you with this thought:

20 years ago, The Roots did their first gig on South & Passyunk Streets on July 12th, 1992.

The Roots, ca. 1992. Screenshot courtesy of Ahmir ?uestlove Thompson


  • Loveland

    Wow amazing photo black thought looks like little Anthony ..the Imperials
    Are behind him. The amazing Roots have been at it a long time …much
    Love though and thanks for such superior musc. I have raised my son to
    Appreciate this music from elementary school to college.

  • Mesha

    Lmfao I wonder if I should send ?uest that friend request, smh. CONGRATS ROOTS!

  • ToeJam

    Hey, how ’bout a photo credit. Isn’t that Mpozi’s work?