The White Mandingos "Warn A Brotha"

The White Mandingos "Warn A Brotha"

The White Mandingos

I don’t know about y’all, but I really fux with The White Mandingos music. I’ve heard some people talking about Murs jumping out the window with this new punk rock style, but if you’ve paying attention to dude’s career it’s really not THAT much of a far cry from the sounds he’s experimented with in the past (and the lack of creativity in hip-hop makes shit boring sometimes, why not switch it up?). Anyway, of what I’ve heard so far, this “Warn A Brotha” track is probably my favorite, especially when things get ultra aggressive at 2:26 . The second half of the song kind of reminds me of Cypress Hill‘s “Rock Superstar” but doper (no shots, that was a hard track from CH). TWM’s The Ghetto’s Tryna Kill Me will be out June 11th via Fat Beats.

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