At approximately 11:40 pm last night, while respectable people were DJing bhangra parties (or whatever) The Weeknd dropped his new mixtape Thursday, complete with balloon drop and an instant after-picture hangover. The tracklist include a few of the tracks that have leaked since House of Balloons like “The Birds” and “Rolling Stone” but also a string of shiny new gemstones like the dubby “Heaven or Las Vegas”; “The Zone” featuring Drake and of course “Thursday.” Those we are still absorbing (a process that is not helped by this splitting bhang-over, thank you very much). Get yourself a copy and we’ll compare notes over alka-seltzer tonight. The servers at the-weeknd.com seem to a be little overwhelmed come Friday morning, so we recommend you get it here or via hulkshare. (full tracklisting after the jump).

1. Lonely Star

2. Life of the Party

3. Thursday

4. The Zone (f. Drake)

5. The Birds Part One

6. The Birds Part Two

7. Gone

8. Rolling Stone

9. Heaven or Las Vegas


  • 937andheartbreak

    Love The Weeknds music but what’s with the white girls on the cover. I guess Black is not in now.

  • dj crossfader

    whats with the white chicks?????????????? you fucking racist

  • 937andheartbreak

    I’m not racist, I just love when my people love themselves

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