'The Soundpapered Drawings' Come To Okay Space

'FUN. LOVING. GENIUS. | The Soundpapered Drawings' Come To Okay Space

'Fun.Loving.Genius: The Soundpapered Drawings' Comes To Okay Space

This Thursday, January 12, Okay Space kicks off the new year with another interesting, intriguing, awe-inspiring event for the art-loving masses. FUN. LOVING. GENIUS. | The Soundpapered Drawings by British-American visual artist, Rachel D. Abrams, promises to enthrall those who love jazz, hip-hop and soul mixed with sketch work from a talented expert. The concept of Soundpapered came while Rachel was attending gigs across the U.S. and in Europe. It was to serve as a chronicling of sorts, a record done as a live drawing, a live music journal.

The event, which takes place at our own Okay Space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, marks her debut solo show in New York City (RSVP here!). Images featured in the exhibit derive from those gigs from India.Arie, Erykah Badu, Thundercat, George Clinton, Terrace Martin, Quincy Jones and Kendrick Lamar (to name a few) that Rachel D. Abrams sat through and experienced. Depicting and cementing these personalities in artistic form, Abrams’ scale and form make each piece consistent with the story that Fun. Loving. Genius. attempts to tell the viewer. With each live drawing emoting a unique flow, Soundpapered exhibits “an authentic record of an interaction between two performative forces,” a public spectacle and an off-stage anonymous one.

'Fun.Loving.Genius: The Soundpapered Drawings' Comes To Okay Space

This isn’t your mama’s showbiz caricature that would likely hang in the wall of some fancy restaurant. No, this is the physicality of the live performance captured in a visual commentary that offers love and respect to the artist. All in all, it is a moment that you should not want to miss as Fun. Loving. Genius. | The Soundpapered Drawings jumps off 2017 in an electric and improvisatory way.

Peep the information above + RSVP early because you’ll never know who or what type of music elements will be present at the gallery showing. To get a taste of what we’ve done previously, check out the video below!

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