The Round-Up: Best Songs of The Week (feat. Frank Ocean, GoldLink, Feist and More)

Another week working back from great in Trump’s America. Still here picking and fighting good fights. But mind the political drama, it’s been another fruitful week in music. Last week, during the second installment of his blondedRADIO show, Frank Ocean premiered a dreamy blur of a ballad, looping his new single “Chanel” for an hour straight, somehow sneaking in a remix with A$AP Rocky before the show came to its close.

But if Frank checked the ball, Sango, Smino and another impossibly-consistent release from Rick Ross drove this thing home with stellar albums. Shit, Feist is back in the world with a new album on the way and a single that’s so marvelously Feist. Then there’s Snoop Dogg and the video that actually had our president up at 6am throwing thumbs on the toilet. Stranger than fiction pop-politics that could only be the case in an orange nation. But at least we have a Snoop x BBNG x Kaytranada collaboration to show for it.

In any case, all of these things and more can be found in this week’s edition of The Round-Up. Stream it below and subscribe to our Spotify page for even more selections.