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The Roots – undun [Short Film]

by Eddie "STATS"
6 years ago

The 4-part video series (comprising “Tip The Scale”; “Stomp”; “Make My” and “Sleep”) that is the visual accompaniment to The Roots‘ audio-novel undun (out now–cop via iTunes or with extra goodies at the OKP Store) is now watchable in the form of this 9-minute black-and-white short film. Definitely satisfying to watch the story unfold in this seamless fashion and you could probably write your film school thesis about how the slightest changes in editing/framing can cause meaning to shift for the viewer. Studious OKP readers will note, for instance, that the story of (main character) Redford Stephens’ death plays out here in chronological order ie the songs come in the reverse of their placement on the actual album tracklist. We might have expected that The Roots and virtuoso director Clifton Bell would have Tarantino’d it to keep the story in a sort of flashback that more directly mirrored the LP. And perhaps they still will. In which case, maybe we’ll have to get CB on the bat-phone to compare ?uesto‘s cliff-notes with his own Clifton-notes on the film! Enjoy.

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