Fuck a leak, son! The entire longplayer we have been talking about, The Roots concept album undun, is now streamable on NPR’s First Listen. Stop reading about it and start being about it ! undun drops next Tuesday, December 6th, pre-order it on iTunes.



  • perfect….i just got finished watching an old red bull interview with quest, now i get to listen to the new lp….dope

    • The Marquis

      Dice!!! You are a beast, coming into your own quite well homie, keep it up. Your signature is all over this gem.

  • troubleman1981

    so classic

  • plb

    Big ups to the Legendary, okp, and NPR for the album and the stream.

    This one will not be soon forgotten.

    My question for fellow listeners: If the press release, the blog posts, and the articles had not told you that this album is a (reverse) narrative, would you have figured it out?

    • Steo

      probabaly not on a first listen. im about to be a dad and the ape shit drum madness at the end/begining, which i took as Redford Steven’s birth, did nothing for my nerves. i thought it was beautiful, gritty, glitzy, grimey and emotional. we all know someone that got caught up in things that ultimately lead them to an all too soon conclusion. This is a bar raiser and another gem for Roots fans new and old. Grown up music.

  • This album is a masterpiece . . . I’m just in AWE . . . and while I’ve been lucky enough to personally enjoy this incredibly talented band . . . I’m still totally blown away by this artistry. I hope it sells a ZILLION KAJILLION copies . . . you all DESERVE IT! Blessings!

  • Markus

    best album of 2011, hands down. preoderd it on itunes and on vinyl

    • Where is it available on vinyl???

  • Aryeh Bernstein

    Yeah, it’s beautiful and grown-up. It’s going to take several more listens, but I can already tell this is a triumph. I didn’t pay attention to the lyrics, b/c I’m working now, but the whole sonic experience is exquisite, raw, and true.

  • se.po

    the secret of success is to stay true, be a honest person and be yourself – THE ROOTS are the perfect evidence that this rule never fail. Since they dropped Organix, 16 years are over and they keep it real from THE ROOTS on. I mean they honor their name in the most perfect way. I am totally impressed.

  • jason

    the Roots have mastered the art of making an album, not a single surrounded by other songs. The album as a whole generates emotion and feeling. the marriage of music and vocals is done well. The ending sonata is beautiful…I hope people do not skip those tracks. They are important to the closure of the album.

  • Downindixie

    I just listened to 2 songs from the album…………………….damn…………………….that’s all I got to say………………….damn…………………EPIC MASTERPIECE…………………

  • Tommy Jr

    Listening to it for a second time.. wow…. This is one great ride of a cd. This is the Sgt Peppers album in hip hop. They outdun themselves on this one!

  • thirtyfive

    I hate when people make album analogies, but, it is warranted here. This is the “Darkside of the Moon” for hip hop. A transcendent album that moves through a narrative with water like fluidity. The music and lyrics connect on sub textual levels that get deeper and deeper with each listen. There are no guest spots, just characters in the plot. I teach creative writing to kids in an afterschool program in a crime ridden area. It is hard for me to get them to listen to anything. I put this on, and no one said a work or shuffled in their seat. Its really connected. Their replies were “thats real talk” “i could really see the words come to life” Proud to call The Roots my favorite band.

    • jason

      Big up on teaching creative writing. Its good to hear that the children connected with this. I think the narrative is something people are familiar with. Its gonna hit home for a lot of folk. Either you know a Redford or possibly are a Redford. Im glad it strayed away from glorifying the life, it told a real story about the people you dont hear about. Not the Dons, or people in charge. the local guy trying to just get by.

  • Tyler

    this is a masterpiece.

  • troof tella

    amazing album, again, the roots are 12/13, with only one ehh album (tipping point)

  • sstretch

    Yeah this album was definitely better and darker than their previous joint.

    check out the beats at http://www.soundcloud.com/sstretch68323

  • Zay

    This Undun is going to be another classic, Much Respect to the Roots!!!

  • Cenica L. Edwards

    I AM MOST DEFINITELY pickin’ up the undun album. Matteroffact, I’mma pick up 2 copies, ’cause I know I’m gonna burn up the first copy from playin’ it 24/7. I just got my first listen in & I am hooked!!! It is a MUST HAVE for my ROOTS collection.

  • Rowlander

    Amazing Album and brilliant release structure altogether with a full single setting the tone, and little clips making us want more.

  • thankgod4soul

    amazing…classic…insane..will there be a forward mix/version available?
    Would love to forward transitions.

  • thankgod4soul

    I was floored my first listen…2nd time confirmed it….Just rearranged the order for the third….absolute genius.overwhelmed…first this, then Black Star’s mixtape and album, then D’angelo on tour with Chris Dave, followed by his next LP? Is the world ending this soon?

  • datNIGGAJ

    the legendary did it again…i’m amazed by how much of a roll they’re on with the past 4 albums. another CLASSIC!!

  • Mac

    1 Cop off itunes
    2 Good pair of headphones ( I rock the wesc )
    3 Convert the album to AIFF
    4*Optional nice bottle of red from 1996 ( at least ’95 prolly better )
    5 Listen, Enjoy ,Listen, Rewind, Listen, Put your man on, Listen
    6 Imagine, get Inspired
    7 Did I Say Listen