We went to post this when the video hit YouTube, but it was quickly removed.  Then I decided to save it for Holiday Season considering it's lovey-family theme.  Then I got swept away to Tokyo with DJ Soul and just got back last night.  Well, without further ado, The Roots on NickJr's Yo Gabba Gabba show performing their song "Lovely, Love My Family."  I am going to guess the song writing was lead by Capt Kirk (a father of two himself).  Black Thought and Maldog are the other fathers in the group.  Roots fans (all of you reading?) should not miss the opportunity to go to  NickJr.com and watch the video (following a short word from their sponsor).

In other Roots on TV news, NBC and The Roots recently announced their plans to come on as the house band for the new Late Show with Jimmy Fallon set to launch in March '09.

The Roots "Lovely, Love My Family"




  • 5a5ha

    I was lucky enough to nab this when it first leaked a few weeks ago, and have kept it in heavy rotations ever since. Such a dope, feel good song. This and Shaka from Tip just make any gloomy day brighten up!

  • SaRaH BeLuM….

    My daughter’s favourite show, and my favourite band. Best of both worlds!

  • pfeif diggy

    normally wouldn’t hear The Roots do a song like this, but I guess that’s why we love em’ so much.

    Fun little song, diggin it.

  • b.abram

    i don’t allow my son to watch that show cause the red thing looks like a dildo. i know u see it!

  • cdwestling

    My kids watch Noggin every morning while they eat breakfast and get ready for school, and I TiVo’d this video about two months ago!!! I am glad something finally posted about it, because all my boys thought I was losing it!!

  • p palmtree

    my sun loves this song! he runs and gets me to tell me my jam is on and we dance up a storm! I like the fact that theres a brotha and sista on the show. Afican americans are not shown in a positive light in media in general. My sun can see someone who looks like him doing positive things. I loved the roots since before okayplayer and i have followed the sucess and the changes. Peace!

  • sin-cere

    Dope song for kids. But one question. Whos that on vocals? Thats not Blackthought is it?

  • PhillyROOTed

    lol…That’s a good look from a father of two and a roots fan. What a better way to introduce my youngest to hip hop/music on a show she loves!!!! Continued success and have a great 09!!!!!

  • Cha

    My daughter is 2 and she lives for shows like Yo Gabba Gabba and The Backyardigans. Glad to see The Roots Crew taking the time to make quality music that my daughter and I can both enjoy. Three years ago I wouldn’t have appreciated them taking the time to do that, but now I can’t thank them enough.

  • xeventhson

    I took my 5 year old son to his first Hip Hop show and it was the Roots. Now i know it was a wise decision. Thank you guys for making Hip Hop a family affair again.

    Peace N Nuff Respect….

  • CriticalBEATdown

    This is actually fresh.

  • CriticalBEATdown

    b.abram: …
    “i don’t allow my son to watch that show cause the red thing looks like a dildo. i know u see it!”

    Someone got issues. Dude is like a non-stop pause fest when he’s hanging around his homies.

  • kawright

    just showed this video to my little guy & he loved it! granted he can’t talk, but he kicked the screen, smiled & cooed, so i take it to mean he dug it. thanks fellas.

  • Keria

    I love it, i saw it with my niece for the first time over the weekend and it made me cry in a way to see them bring positive music, that sounds nice for the little kids, its beautiful, and i like it.


    I’m waitin’ for someone to hate and say they sold out…but they pulled this off something marvelous. Im’ gonna have to hip my one year son to this. Good job wonst again fellas!


    I’ve always been impressed by The Roots Crew … This just seals the deal on why I’m a fan … Good job fellas!

  • Rudebwoy

    This song is truly awesome. I’ve downloaded it for my new blackberry storm, so that I will always have to play for my daughter………and myself. Great job guys.

  • Epic Props

    This needs to be on heavy rotation on Nick Jr.

  • quattrobro

    Dude! I couldn’t stop laughing at the dildo resemblance comment! Dayum, that shit is funny and now I got the fuckin; hiccups at 2:36 am. Thanks a lot man…lol. Hahahah

  • yea they did

    they did sell out, but they gotta get paid!

  • meccafree

    my nephew loves Yo Gabba Gabba and this is really cool that they have such diverse artist on the show! I mean Biz does a daily beat so my nephew can barley talk but he can beat box!!!!

  • Gojira

    Man, this sucks – I can’t watch it because I don’t live within the US. I was sooo looking forward to seeing one of my favourite bands performing in a positive, kid-friendly environment.

    Might go search YouTube for it. Wish me luck!

  • rccain79

    this song is the best i just did a google search for it because it makes my daughter and i so happy, whenever it comes on Noggin my 3 year old yells “mom your favorite song is on” and we just dance dance dance it makes us happy.


    BEST SONG IN THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!! BIG HIT TOO!!!!!!!!





  • unknown person

    hate y********

  • SIN!!!!!CERE

    BEST SOOOOOOONG EVERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SIN!!!!!CERE


  • Neema

    my 3-year old daughter LOVES this song…I have it on TiVO..and she makes me play it all the time and we have a blast dancing to it.. Great song!!!

  • angel proud papa

    my son 3 and i have a blast dancing and smilin to this song. dont know how to describe it but it brings out the best in you and the world

  • usix

    anyone know how to download this? or buy it anywhere…

  • Tia Kim

    I am blessed with a loving brother, sister-in-law and my 3yr old nephew who loves dancing to this song.

  • rock &love&peace 95

    excellent song !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joeyd

    true music isn’t dead!!!

  • J Gabba Gabba


  • Papanui

    This is such a great song. Who wrote it?

  • anthony123

    my baby love your song ,show thank yall the best

  • sharmine

    My daughter loves watching Yo Gabba Gabba and I love this song. We always watch Nick Jr. and thanks to DISH Network we get TV everywhere so we can sing and dance even on-the-go. As a DISH employee I can tell you that DISH is the only TV provider that offers all the channels you get on-the-go. Visit http://www.dishnetwork.com for more info.

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  • Cholita19178

    My daughter and I love this song, we saw the show live in Albany, it was awsome, thank you guys