The Roots audition for Bill Cosby‘s funeral during the legendary comedian’s latest appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. The Cos stages a mock wake on the set after explaining to The Roots that he doesn’t want them to play “Sweet Georgia Brown” (his walk-on music). He announces that he would instead prefer one of their sandwiches. After being chided by Cosby for a drumroll, ?uesto counts the crew in while Black Thought drops gems worthy of a jazz funeral. Bill Cosby lies on the floor fixing his suit jacket and soaking it all up before stopping the band to tell them how mediocre they are. The most difficult part of his visit comes when it’s time to get up off of the floor. Check the footage below to watch Bill Cosby and The Roots on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Stay tuned for more.


  • dust truck

    omg Cos. Still makes me giggle. Jeez, he’s killing me.

  • Jimmy Jam

    Questlove didn’t think it was too funny though…

    • Jrlm

      Bills comedy has evolved into a strange, dark, awkward and sarcastic humor. Sometimes it’s jarring, and confusing, and sometimes you dont know how to take it. But this is Bill; He’s been like this for the past 12 years or so.

  • Jrlm

    Bill is off the hook lol.


    he did the same weird awkward things on jon stewart he is crazy and quest love had the right because old people tell the truth

  • crmills08


  • I_B_Krillin_It

    good stuff… good stuff

  • Rich Bey

    Quest Love is my hero! Black Thought is a genius. And being that Cosby is a living ancestor I give him a pass. It was funny, at the Legendary Roots Crew expense, but the brothers were poised and good sports. I cant believe Cosby didn’t know they were from North Philly also. Two generations of positive influence on the youth. Salute

    • Kevin Thomas

      They arent from North Philly.Quest Love is from West and Black Thought is from South.I do believe Mr. Cosby asked where are they from for comedy effect.

  • diaph

    one more time, things only posible to see if you are on the usa soil…..