The New 'The Matrix' Movie Won't Be A Reboot Or Remake

The New 'The Matrix' Movie Will Not Be A Reboot or Remake

That New "The Matrix" Film Won't Be A Reboot

Photo courtesy of IMDb

Did we all… jump the gun?

Earlier this week, reports came out that executives at Warner Bros. were working on rebooting The Matrix franchise. Rumors had it that movie executives were looking at Michael B. Jordan to star. These reports got a mixed reaction from the Twitter crowd.

Turns out the report might have been alternative facts. Earlier today Zak Penn, rumored writer of the new Matrix movie, sent a number of tweets denying that they were working on a reboot or a remake, but not denying that films based on The Matrix world might come to fruition.

It looks like we might have… dodged a bullet. (OK, we’ll stop.)

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