Watch Two Trailers For The Lucas Brothers' First Netflix Comedy Special

Photo via Netflix

Netflix promised to release at least one comedy special each week in 2017, and so far they have delivered. Dave Chappelle, Louis C.K. and, now, the Lucas Brothers.

Two trailers for their forthcoming comedy special, Lucas Brothers: On Drugs, recently dropped and has the siblings discussing everything from doing drugs together to pay inequality in America.

“All drugs aren’t created equal,” Kenneth (Kenny) Lucas begins. “…We did shrooms,” Kenny continues on before Keith Lucas interjects “And here’s a rule of thumb, you should never do shrooms with a dude who looks like you. Stick to weed.”

The brothers also tell a joke about encountering a police officer, and how they expected the situation to have a bad outcome when all the cop wanted to do was take a picture with them, because he recognized them from the 22 Jump Street film.

Lucas Brothers: On Drugs drops on April 18. Prior to this, the Lucas Brothers had their own animated television series The Lucas Bros Moving Co., which featured this incredible cameo with Action Bronson.

Check out the trailer below.