'Icons Of Wu-Tang' Is Coming To London For 1 Day Only

Eddie Otchere's 'Icons Of Wu-Tang' Exhibit Is Headed To London For 1 Day Only

by zo
2 years ago

Eddie Otchere's 'Icons Of Wu-Tang' Exhibit Is Headed To London For 1-Day Only

Surprisingly, era-defining stills of The Wu-Tang Clan have been rather difficult digital artifacts to come by. Even in 2016, when the first few months of the year have been dominated by conversation pertaining to their 1-of-1 Once Upon A Time In Shaolin LP and the real-life super villain who currently holds it in his possession, it’s been a tedious pursuit, perhaps best exemplified by the inclusion of unofficial portraits in the album’s packaging and the subsequent lawsuit brought against The Wu by Long Island artist, Jazon Koza

One man who has proven consistently capable of snapping those slice-of-time shots has been photographer, Eddie Otchere; known for his portraits of hip-hop and r&b stars in their heyday. A one-day exhibit at London’s Brixton East 1871 gallery will find Otchere himself guiding visitors through his time with The Wu with a full spread of his stills, which will apparently be vanquished in a very Madlib-via-Kafka-esque fashion to prevent the stills from being reproduced. The Icons Of Wu-Tang exhibit will take place on March 9th for one day only. We suggest you book your flight today. You won’t want to miss this one. Peep an introduction to the exhibit in the clip below. 

h/t Vinyl Factory

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