Teedra Moses Drops Camp Lo Inspired Single "All I Ever Wanted"

Teedra Moses repurposes Camp Lo‘s “Luchini” instrumental on “All I Ever Wanted” – an infectious new track that perfectly frames her sweet vocal and has crazy summer jam potential. The classic Ski Beatz production populates the bouncing breakup track before it melts into a more ambient version itself around the 2-minute mark. Teedra Moses shoots a bunch of tough talk at a misguided former lover, asserting herself as the boss as she sheds the dead weight of a failed relationship. Check the track below to listen to “All I Ever Wanted” from Teedra Moses. Stay tuned for more.


  • Brittnay Proctor

    You mean she “repurposed,” “Adventures in the Land of Music” by Dynasty…which came first.

    • Adam

      thank you Brittnay