talib kweli gravitas album cover

Talib Kweli dresses down conspiracy theorists and explains the effects of historical ignorance on pop culture with “The Wormhole” – a track from his Gravitas LP explaining the true origins of the Illuminati and other related topics. The song produced by Oh No is another exercise in spitting that finds Kweli disinclined to come up for air, as he drops a litany of points to defend his argument against feeding into the rumor mill and related phenomena that have found a number hip-hop fans calling for the heads of their favorite rappers. People obsessed with the material signs of wealth associated with a career in show business explain away the success of the game’s biggest players by attributing their gains to some sort of Faustian pact or membership in a secret society accessible to only the most visible and/or visibly wealthy; Kweli combats this with a barrage of one liners, listing a number of obviously negative forces that fans might be wiser to pay attention to. The lead single arrives ahead of the album, which is set to drop on December 15th via Javotti Media. Check the track below. Pre-order the Gravitas LP via Kweli Club.


  • ill

  • Ozzie_Bates

    I get all my worldviews from Alex Jones and David Icke.

    • troof tella

      i get all my worldviews fro ACTUALLY viewing the world.

    • JJ

      you must spend your life watching others then… like they do

  • DocSamson

    Rhymes are RIGHT not loving the beat though

  • To’Mas Que Fuego

    Holy fuckin shit…my mind is blown. I’ll most likely listen to this song no less than 2 dozen times for the next few weeks. I’m really speechless right now.