Talib Kweli Confirms Collab LP With 9th Wonder

The BK MC Talib Kweli confirmed today in an interview with Big Von of KMEL that over the past several months he’s been working with “The Hip-Hop Fellow9th Wonder on a collaborative album tentatively titled B.A.D. or Build And Destroy. The interview was geared more towards exploring the nature of a truly independent artist in an entertainment landscape ensconced in technological nuance. However, when asked about what he was most looking forward to, Kweli was explicit and clear about his work thus far with 9th and used Dr. Dre’s The Chronic as a point of reference, seeming to claim that there may not have been a genuinely uplifting and “thematically conscious” album since. In any case, whatever comes out of this titanic duo, will surely be a treat for the masses. You can peep the interview in it entirety below.


  • Saba

    I think Kweli is claiming that there hadn’t been a thematically conscious “compilation” album since The Chronic. Citing Dre’s classic debut as a compilation rather than a solo outing, which it certainly acted as for a number of up and coming West coast MC’s, as did the Chronic 2001 album. Thus, it sounds like B.A.D. will be a compilation of thematically tied songs curated by 9th and Kweli embellished by a roster of like-minded MC’s. At least that was my understanding. I doubt that Kweli would overlook GKMC or any other number of outstanding conscious concept albums since The Chronic — Below the Heavens, The Listening, A Piece of Strange…and the list goes on.