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Video: Talib Kweli x Anthony Bourdain On 'No Reservations'

Talib Kweli & Anthony Bourdain on No Reservations

For the final season of Anthony Bourdain‘s much-loved No Reservations show on the Travel Channel, the grumpy globetrotter decided to stick close to home base and celebrate the cuisine of his native New York–out of loyalty or maybe because he threw his back out permanently on the recent Brazil episode where he trooped through the Amazon to taste the flesh of the giant, prehistoric Piraracu fish which hunts the river’s jungle backwaters (<–for real, I watched that one). And who better to be our guide to the joys of BK cuisine (“Brooklyn keeps on bakin’ it”) than our own Talib Kweli? In fact if I understand this right, the clip below of Kweli and Bourdain talking about the gentrification of Brooklyn and the accompanying proliferation of white guys with beards (so real. I’m writing this from the General Greene on Dekalb Avenue and it’s like life imitates art up in here) is a teaser for the very last episode of the final season, which airs monday on the Travel Channel. Watch below and hope will get an OkayEater DVD extra of Raekwon the Chef serving up his famous Shaolin dumplings. Or something.

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