Stevie Wonder Joins Lobby Singer For Surprise "Superstition" Take, Proves He's Still a National Treasure

Time and time again, Stevie Wonder has proved to be an indispensable and irreverent leader in the fight for civil rights and goodwill the world over. But sometimes the Motown legend is just out to make someone’s day. Take for instance this past weekend’s NAMM conference, where the music industry’s finest manufacturers of hardware and software gathered with some lucky early-onlookers in Anaheim, CA. The conference brought musicians of every tier out to show face and showcase some new gear (John Mayer, Karriem Riggins and Black Milk were just some of those in attendance.)

Wonder, of course, was also spotted. But not at the actual conference (though we suspect he eventually made way.) No, Stevie Wonder’s appearance was at a local hotel, where a singer was belting out the unmistakable opening lines to “Superstition,” before fumbling the second verse and admitting he didn’t know it. Naturally, Wonder joins the singer in true hero form and lends his iconic voice to a surprise duet, warming the hearts of any and all eyes or ears that happened upon it. Luckily, the moment was caught by someone in the crowd and is available for you to see in the clip below. Obvious takeaway: Stevie Wonder is a national treasure and must be protected at all costs.