Steve Bannon Is Out As A Member Of The National Security Council

Photo of Steve Bannon courtesy of Daily Wire.

President Agent Orange is looking to shake things up as he has reorganized his National Security Council, removing his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, and downgrading his role.

Under the move, the national intelligence director, Dan Coats, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Corps General Joseph Munford, are now listed as “regular attendees” of the NSC’s principals committee.

Bannon, who most people feel is running the White House as a shadow president, used to be the executive chairman of Breitbart News before being elevated to the NSA’s principals committee at the beginning of Trump’s term.

According to a White House official, Bannon was originally placed on the committee to monitor Michael Flynn, and never attended a meeting. With H.R. McMaster in charge of the council now, it appears that Bannon’s “services” are no longer needed. Flynn, who is seeking immunity from prosecution, was fired by President Cheeto Face for not disclosing to the president of Vice Sith Lord Mike Pence the extent of conversations he had with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S., Sergy Kislyak, before Trump’s inauguration.

The change also downgrades the role of Homeland Security advisor Thomas Bossert.

The official also told NBC that the White House is not engaged in a power struggle. Instead, it is being said that the White House is bringing to the forefront a more “George W. Bush-era-type NSC,” which, if you remember how that was was an annoying thing to deal with as well. “The council will be more streamlined and the decision-making more deliberative,” the official said.