Sterling Duns "Happy Again"

So that rant I just went on about new faces popping up and catching my attention, would most certainly also apply to Philly emcee, Sterling Duns. For his new video, “Happy Again,” we get an invite to the saddest.birthday.party.ever. Says Sterling: ” ‘Happy Again’ was one of those tracks that I really had fun recording for the mixtape. The song is a bit more edgy than some of my others, a bit more unsettling, and Jay had this perfect idea, almost instinctually, to have the scene take place at a pretty wack bday party. It was great… in a gloomy sort of way.” Sterling flips Douglas Dare‘s “Glorious Feeling,” and Jay Sprogell provides the lens and editing work for this new vid. You can find “Happy Again” on Sterling’s first mixtape, Leftovers, and just about when you’re done replaying that, you can look forward to his new tape, set to drop on February 22nd.