Stephen Colbert Interviews Eminem On Public Access TV

Watch Stephen Colbert Interview Eminem In A Hilarious Michigan Public Access TV Takeover

Stephen Colbert Interviews Eminem In Hilarious Michigan Public Access TV Takeover

Stephen Colbert‘s just about ready to settle into his new slot as the Late Show‘s host. But with so much time having passed since his departure from the small screen, seems only right that he’d brush off some of the dust and sharpen the chops back up to late-night TV standard. Not that we’d ever expect him to have lost a step, but a recent takeover of Michigan’s public access program Only In Monroe proved to be shockingly fertile training ground for the pro, poking fun at town happenings and locals alike. However, the fun didn’t stop anywhere close to there. About halfway through Colbert’s impromptu public access romp, he’s joined by one of the rap game’s (and Michigan’s) most celebrated voices when Eminem takes to the adjacent seat for an in-depth, and frankly, hilarious interview. Easily one for the books, Em & Colbert wax diligently over obvious influences like Bob Seger & Ted Nugent, with Colbert running-off his favorite Motor City melodies at a dizzying pace and Mr. Mathers delivering a heartfelt PSA against foul language. All of this, by the way, is a healthy reminder that public access isn’t merely a place you go to catch up on your favorite Ken Burns documentaries. Watch as Stephen Colbert puts the work into Eminem on Michigan Public Access below.

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