If you thought that look with Premier was a big look for Joey Bada$$ (it was), look who they’ve got young boy rhymin side by side with now. Statik Selektah assembles a lyricists dream team with Joey, Raekwon and Black Thought for his Extended Play single, “Bird’s Eye View.” All three emcees go off, as you’d expect, but umm no bias, that last verse is somethin’ serious. From any view (bird or otherwise) this is a win for hip-hop. Extended Play will be out June 18th via Duck Down/Showoff!


  • John Ensley

    yeaaa mayne, Black Killed That!

  • Greg

    BT is the greatest of all time
    p.s whats a tomatoe headed nigga?? lol

  • I (almost) forgot how amazing Black Thought was! Thanks.

  • Black though is just str8 nasty after so many years !!!!! wow

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  • Lawrence Wilson

    Wow tough tune wish it was longer though!

  • Ask

    would you look at that

  • blessedvices

    love how Black smashes like half the damn song. god damn, there just no stoppin the man, ain’t gonna be any rappers left when he’s done!

  • lyvetyme

    Black assassinated that track!!

  • As usual, BT went BEAST MODE. Put him or 3 Stacks on your track, you just lost your track. Tell ’em, T.I. LOL!

  • Ethan Zimmerman

    WOW!! Mr. Trotter’s flow is on some “out his mind” sh#t on this one. As he said on a previous record… “Most underrated… Most underappreciated…” Black Thought is my dude!!!

  • sunkissed08

    Two Words…Black Thought!!! I love me some him!

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  • wordsmithlesson

    Black Thought went in on this track!

  • mrlistener

    “It’s the elephant in the room…” whoa!! Understatement of the year. Had me makin the bitter beer face.

  • Fooligan.crew

    BT is definitely the king of Hip Hop but Joey Bada$$ never ceases to amaze me. Kids doing big things and I’m excited to see where he goes with his music.

  • great

  • Darrell Barber

    murdered the beat Black killin it as always!! …good song