Kanye West is roasted during the finale of South Park‘s 17th season, which brings the Chi-Town MC back from the sea to prove that Kim Kardashian is not, in fact, a Hobbit. Though his love for her never wanes, he quickly begins to realize that she truly is one of the jolly, hairy-toed lilliputians she swears she isn’t. The question to ask is not whether Kim K is a Hobbit, but how long it will take for Kanye West to respond to this and whether the latest shot at the super-producer is enough to send him over the edge following his recent Grammy snub. Peep the clip below to watch Kanye West in South Park’s sequel to the “Fishsticks” episode aka “Bound 4.” Stay tuned for the aftermath. You know it’s coming.


  • Nave Skeew

    Absolutely incredible. am i the only one who thinks the south park version of bound 2 sounds a lot better than the real one?

    • Dev


  • Dreskills

    That was wack not like fishsticks South Park can eat a bunch of Fish Dicks

    • Geoffrey Kenneth


  • Dreskills

    That was wack not like fishsticks South Park can eat a bunch of Fish Dicks

  • Matthew Peters

    I can’t wait for him to lash out about this. First, Arsenio kindly responds to him asking for distance, now he’s going to throw a tantrum over a cartoon? This should be good.

  • I feel like SouthPark is the undeniable greatest tv show of all time. If not the greatest, then definitely the greatest comedy. It’s bee nearly 20 years of dominance now. Gotta give respect where it’s due

    • prideofNY

      Someone’s never heard of The Simpsons…

  • blackbeltbreeze

    why is it not conceivable that (1) kanye can take a joke on the chin and (2) kanye knows how to be strategic with his public stream of conscious statements?

  • D.j. West

    “South Park Roasts Kanye West To A Crisp” says d-list website.