Watch Miguel's new video "Candle In The Sun"

Miguel - "Candle In The Sun" [Official Video]

Miguel in a still from "Candle in the Sun" (official video)

Miguel premieres his new video for the introspective “Candle In the Sun”, the sombre black and white tones of the visual nicely capturing the moody feel of this questioning ballad which adds yet another hue to Mr. Unlimited’s ever-increasing artistic palette. “Candle In The Sun” is built on a walking, wandering synth-line that could easily be a Sa-Ra track and is laced with lyrics –“Diamond in the back / Babies on crack / kick in the door wavin’ the .44 / white collar war crimes, money get spent / candles in the sun, blowin’ in the wind”–that could easily be a Brother Ali rhyme if they weren’t being sung with such spiritual conviction in Miguel’s instantly recognizable ghetto-gospel tenor. The existential crisis at the heart of the song’s theme is given concrete form by the flags, guns, bibles, ruined homes and headscarves which flash before our eyes. Not many could make this material work as a pop song, but maybe that’s what Miguel’s undeniable charisma is for after all. Watch below:

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