Charles Bradley - Strictly Reserved For You (offical video title card)

Last soulman standing Charles Bradley drops a video for his newest single “Strictly Reserved For You.” If you haven’t heard the tune, I envy your first listen but I’ll just quote myself to give you an idea: “with it’s amazing horn-work, fuzzy guitar tones and a bassline for the ages, “Strictly” walks more in the footsteps of Dennis Coffey‘s most sophisticated sonic struts than we’ve heard before, a subtle contrast from other recent outings, which have leaned more towards a classic Memphis soul sound.” Serious or frivolous, every video has a subliminal message in it somewhere and I would translate this one into words as: “you may have the empty diner/endless refill blues but it’s nothing that throwing on an orange Evil Knievel jumpsuit and zebra-striped loafers can’t cure.”

Even better than that–if such a thing is possible?–CB’s new LP Victim Of Love is dropping imminently and today we get the chance to stream the whole damn thing (via Rolling Stone)–listen below and scroll down to watch the video.

shouts to RS


  • Don Cornelius

    Hilariously awesome video. Dude coming out the flowers is great.

  • classic … soul music calma na alma

  • 420dude

    Wow, this entire album is great. The Meneham Street Band does a great job of bringing classic soul-funk with a modern appeal. This is music. Thanks Charles Bradley. And yes, 420 to these tunes is hella crazy!