Sophia Bastian in a still from the video for the Portishead-inspired "GloryBoxed"

The captivating Sophia Bastian has a brand new video for us to delve into. “GloryBoxed” is a spin off of the 90’s trip-hop classic “Glory Box” by Portishead. Bastian freshens up the instrumentals and seduces us with her vocal (and physical) sultriness in the clip. “I used to listen to “Glory Box” as a kid a lot and was always mesmerized by the melancholy mystique of it,” says the songstress. That melancholy mystique is definitely captured in the foggy Alpine scenery Bastian and counter part Simon Lohmeyer travel through. Watch “GloryBoxed” below.


  • GhettoBlaster

    Reminds me of a really great song. Not sure whether brave or foolish to try and imprint these vocals on music that has been owned so heavily by Portishead.

  • hiphop.

    @disqus_2a6PnVD9FW:disqus It’s not necessarily foolish or brave when you look it the concept of mixtapes. young rappers take a known beat to get heads to pay attention to their steez via a classic loop. she is doing the same – as a singer. It’s kinda cool