Sony Announces Spider-Man Spin-Off 'Venom' For October 2018

Photo of Venom courtesy of Marvel.

Peter Parker made nerds wet dreams come true when actor Tom Holland took over the role in Marvel‘s Captain America: Civil War. Now, with the hype for Spider-Man: Homecoming in place, Marvel’s partner, Sony, is attempting to build out its own Spidey-verse with the announcement of its long-awaited Venom project.

Word came from the studio pretty much out of the blue, but has been something that web-heads have been looking forward to since Spider-Man 3, which starred Tobey Maguire. According to the trades, Venom will focus on the alien symbiote as the star of its own franchise, but there’s no word on whether it will be connected to Spider-Man or not.

Given how connected Venom is to Spider-Man, plus Sony’s plans to build out a larger world for Tom Holland to play in, it seems that the possibilities are open for Venom to be either a hero or villain. Our own personal hope is that somehow Sony can fit in both Venom and Carnage into a full-length feature, but we’ll stick with the official theatrical release date of October 5, 2018, and await instructions until then.

H/T: The Hollywood Reporter