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Small Professor - Cool Story, Pro [Beat Tape]

Small Professor

Philly producer Small Professor left a lasting impression after his early 2012 release, Gigantic Vol. 1, featuring an impressive cast of underground emcees. This time around, it’s all about the beats with today’s release of Cool Story, Pro (ha). Says Pro: “This is actually my second ‘official’ instrumental album, the first being 2008’s Slowbus, released on Seclusiasis. The album is (supposed to be) a story about a fictional relationship that starts off wonderfully and ends in sad, painful loss; at the time of its conception (early or mid 2010), I was coping with a recent breakup (and still dealing with issues from other past relationship failures), and constructing most of the second half of the album was my therapy. The first half – the lighthearted part – was mostly inspired by my current relationship. The original title was simply Jawn, and was supposed to be released in fall 2011, but between the making of Gigantic, Vol. 1 and the other ‘Jawn’ albums/beat tapes, it was delayed until now. Stylistically, it was modeled after J Dilla’s Donuts and 14KT’s Nowalataz (2009), as well as being inspired by the “Chipmunk Soul” era of 2001-2003.” Stream/Purchase it after the jump.

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