The second video from The Bullitts featuring new music from Jay Electronica. The short film contains dialog in French (with English sub-titles) and credits Jay E for music and as the Executive Producer.  Read about The Bullitts below and watch the first video for “Close Your Eyes” after the cut

According to their web site:

The Bullitts: A UK band, specialising in what singer/songwriter and producer Jeymes Samuel calls “Action Adventure.”  Their debut album They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories features appearances from Jay Electronica, Tori Amos, Mos Def and is narrated by Lucy Liu. The Bullitts blend stunning music with compelling visuals and a Groundbreaking Interactive online presence.


  • jermy

    pretty dope! never know what’s coming with jay elec but that’s almost the best part

  • E. Dante

    Classic piece!

  • Keithson4

    was that jay singing? or am i crazy

  • Les Starke

    Wow, thats some classic shit right there. Indeed not something we would expect from Jay E. Think thats him singing, If its him he’s Dope on the vocals. Like the other tracks, Thumbs up.


  • Ozzie_Bates

    I really don’t give a shit about some french woman.

  • DREAD No1

    Branlette !!! (Masturbation !!!)
    Now you know why french movies movies get shitty after the 60’s. They’re stuck in…
    Not even interresting or well filmed.